Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Here is a preview of one of the pieces I did for the upcoming "Super Big Micro Show" at Gallery Nucleus. I carved this bear out of a block of wood. I've been recently getting into whittling, it's really fun! I've wanted to carve me a bear for awhile now, so this was my chance. I definitely was inspired by Marc Davis' country bears. I've got his art plastered on my walls here at work. If your ever at the Disneyland Park, look around Critter country for a whole slew of carved animals...definitely a source of inspiration!!!

We started doing these "Micro Shows" in a space right next to our offices here at work. We have these two little walls that we couldn't figure out what to do with. Thus the Micro Gallery was born. Micro art for a micro space.

For this special one of a kind show at Nucleus however, we invited friends from Dreamworks, Pixar and a few others to join us. The great thing is how connected all the artists are from studio to studio. Most have worked together in the past etc... We usually have themed shows here at work, but this Nucleus show is going to be a little different. No Theme! We are all doing art that inspires us, stuff we like to draw personally on the hopefully when we see everything up there together it will give the world a good idea of what is running through the minds of animation artists. It will be a very personal show! If you live in or around the LA area you'll have to come by and check it out! Our Opening is on Dec. 11th! See you there!!!!

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Phillip Boutte Jr. said...

You are absolutely amazing my friend!